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Have you ever thought about your relationship with food? Would you characterize it as good or bad? Do you often think positively about your body image and diet, or do you obsess about how you look and the food you eat all day?  If the latter hits home for you, you’re not alone. Health practitioners and doctors now are seeing a growing group of women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with some type of eating disorder. What’s more is 46% of 10 year old girls are dieting, have a fear of “fatness” or are binge eating, 27% of girls ages 12-18 have significant symptoms of having an unhealthy relationship with food, and 31% of female college students are being affected by eating disorders. Although less common, men are also susceptible to body image issues.

When we hear the word “eating disorder”, most think anorexia or bulimia, calorie restriction, and binging and purging, but one does not necessarily have to have these labels to be affected by an eating disorder, or have an unhealthy relationship with food. Most people don’t fall into this category but still struggle with maintaining a healthy outlook with their diet. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, as I have struggled with developing a healthy relationship with food most of my teenage and young adult life. This only changed when I began to look at food in a positive outlook that supported both my social and personal needs, rather than something I obsessed about, holding me back from living my life.

If you’re like most people (whether you’re avoiding gluten, grains, dairy, or nothing at all), your inner conversation probably looks something like this:

“I’ll just have one brownie.” 

“Okay, one more won’t hurt me; the first one was small.” 

“I can have a little more; I’ll just take a long walk tomorrow and work it off.” 

The next thing you know, half the pan is gone. Then at dinner, you figure you might as well have another piece of pizza because you’ve already “fallen off the wagon”. Soon you’re drowning in a well of shame and regret, lamenting your lack of self-control and feeling like food will always have power over you. Sound familiar?

Emotional eating leads people to eat for reasons that have nothing to do with physical hunger: sadness, loneliness, boredom and even happiness can send you reaching into the pantry.  Having a healthy attitude toward food can go a long way toward helping you reach your mental and physical health goals. On the other hand, an unhealthy attitude toward food could be wreaking havoc on your success, and this harmful mindset’s reach is sneaky, so sneaky you might not even realize it’s happening.

“But I eat healthy, really healthy, this doesn’t pertain to me”

Think again. It’s the new and trendy eating disorder that most don’t know they are suffering with. I know because I’ve lived it. Orthorexia is the name given to an unhealthy fixation on eating only healthy or “pure” foods.  It has become more prevalent in recent years with the growing trend and marketing for “healthy and organic” foods in the media. Although not focus on limiting quantity, othorexics focus on quality of food. While I am a large advocate of a quality diet, to become obsessed about it to the point where you isolate yourself from enjoying a meal out with friends, or have anxiety going to a dinner party may be just as unhealthy.

According to research by Dr. Brian Wansink, people make an average of 200 decisions about food every day. If you make these decisions emotionally, the negative results on your health and well being can be tremendous. Individual, cultural, social and familial factors help shape our attitude toward food, and reining in this power can set you on the fast track to transforming your life as well as your body.

Are you ready to let go of the inner struggle around body image and weight? Have you ever imagined a way of eating and living that could leave you truly nourished and fulfilled, without guilt, obsessiveness and constant worry?

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite health inspiring educational resources, the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Their dynamic and life-changing programs have helped countless people put their food attitudes into perspective and go from having a relationship with food that punishes to one that nourishes the body, mind, and soul.

The 8-week course, Transform Your Relationship With Food™ is an opportunity to take control over your diet and outlook on food again, using tools and techniques from the fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition that can help you create the change you need most.  The program was developed by Marc David, Nutritional Psychology expert, best selling author and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Marc originated and developed the new fields of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology.

What you will learn from the Transform Your Relationship With Food™ program:

  • The best tools for working with emotional eating
  • Simple strategies for natural appetite regulation
  • Hidden contributors to weight gain
  • Mind Body Nutrition techniques that fuel digestion
  • The nutritional power of pleasure
  • The unseen connection between metabolism and emotion
  • The potent influence of bio-circadian nutrition on energy
  • Regulating mood with macronutrient balance
  • How the physiologic relaxation response promotes calorie burning
  • Letting go of dieting, saying hello to eating
  • Change your thoughts, change your metabolism
  • Powerful strategies for a positive body image
  • Easy-to-practice tools for binge eating
  • Timeless wisdom teachings for healing your relationship with food
  • And lots more…

 What to expect:

  • New insights + Plenty of “Aha” moments
  • Information you can truly use
  • A renewed sense of hope
  • More freedom with food
  • A deeper respect for your journey
  • A new beginning with your body

“How do I know if this program is for me?”

If you resonate with any of the following, you could benefit from this program:

  • You are tired of dieting
  • You have a battle with how your body looks on a daily basis
  • You have a challenging relationship with food
  • You’re an emotional eater
  • You Binge eat
  • You overeat
  • You have unwanted food habits
  • You’re STILL trying to lose weight
  • You have health concerns such as digestive challenges, immune issues, low energy, mood problems…

Curious? Take a Sneak peak at the curriculum here!

The program begins this week! If you register before August 31st, you’ll receive a special offer and savings!  Registration ends on Sunday, September 7th. Read more here.

You don’t have to hide the brownies from yourself. There is no need to wallow in regret. Once you are aware of the sabotaging thought patterns that are holding you back, you will be able to look at food in a completely different way and make choices that help rather than hurt. If you’re as excited about changing your life as I am, you can sign up  HERE. Discover the nutritionist within, and learn to nourish your body in a whole new way!

Join the online program, Transform Your Relationship with Food ™

If you’re not fully ready to undergo an entire makeover just yet, start small with one of my favorite books on learning to love your body and stop the hate cycle. A great read and gift for anyone woman in your life!


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