Inflammation and Systemic Enzymes

I met a woman in December, 2012, who said she couldn’t lose weight – her doctor said it was impossible for her to do so. At least that’s what she said her doctor said. If that is true, I’d seriously like to have a conversation with any doctor who could claim such a definitive thing.

She went on to tell me she had mixed connective tissue syndrome (first they thought it was Lupus but then sent her off with this diagnosis). After a short conversation and 10-minute a hands on evaluation a few things were clear. First, it was true she had a bit of excess fat in her body but what she had more of what inflammation – excessive inflammation.

systemic enzymes

So here’s the thing. This gal had a clear imbalance in her production of something called systemic enzymes. Her body was not able to sufficiently absorb nutrient because her body was not producing this type of enzyme. So what is a systemic enzyme? These are the enzymes your body produces and operate throughout the entire body – literally every system and organ relies on these enzymes to transport nutrients throughout the body. Following their reabsorption from the gastrointestinal tract, these enzymes travel in the blood stream to wherever they need to take action. It’s called the systemic effect. Without this reabsorption or the enzymes going to where they need to go, the body inefficiently regulates metabolism and increases the physiological effects we associate with aging. Bummer. So what causes systemic enzymes to either not be produced or become inhibited to absorb? enzymes

Well, there are alot of hypothesis about this but I suspect there is a link between antibiotics and steroids used earlier on due to a sickness or issue. Antibiotics and steroids can cause a lifetime of gut issues not only by altering enzymes absorption but many other issues are now being linked to the overuse of these chemicals.

In Europe and Asia, physicians prescribe enzyme supplements to restore the levels and promote natural regulation and healing. These supplements are fairly unique because they are designed to resist breakdown in the stomach and they wait until they reach the small intestines to chemically react and absorb into the bloodstream. They have a 100% enteric-coated seal so they don’t breakdown in the stomach but the pancreatic juices are able to break it down.  Once they reach the duodenum (beginning of the small intestines), they breakdown and enter the bloodstream. There, they are used throughout the body and somehow get to where they need to go.

enzymes 2

Systemic enzymes are frequently helpful for a lot of autoimmune diseases, anemia, migraines, hypoglycemia, IBS… seriously the list is relatively endless. It was quite clear working with this young gal that she had an imbalance in her enzyme absorption. So I recommended two things:

  1. Talk to a doctor about obtaining systemic enzymes. This took her a bit of time to find a doctor who even knew what they were which sort of shocks me but then again… am I really surprised? Not really.
  2. MELT at the end of the day to help her body eliminate the junk dumping her body was doing. Her superficial fascia was full up with stagnant fluids and excessive fat.

Here was a woman who actually did what I asked. Two months later, here is an email from her.

Dear Sue,

I wanted to thank you for taking time to talk to me and do a quick assessment of my body. That was a great pre-Christmas present because it really was a gift what you did. I finally found a biologist/chemist who knew what systemic enzymes were and gave me what seemed a large dose of them. Because of what you said, I spent the money hoping this was the answer. I did exactly what you said. I did 10-20 minutes of MELTing at the end of every day before bed. I forced myself to drink water consistently (this is not as easy as it sounded. I had to literally carry a small bottle everywhere and had to really pay attention to the clock to see how long I was going without drinking anything. I admit, it took me time to commit to drinking water consistently all day. What is interesting is once I really started doing it I went to the bathroom less often in a day. Odd.)

It’s been only two months since I started this regimen. I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds!! On top of that, I actually sleep all night! MIRACLE!!! I have more energy for the first time in a decade and I am actually able to exercise again! WOW! My knees don’t hurt and I think I look younger. My boyfriend is taking me on a vacation to celebrate my birthday and what really feels like a new lease on life! I don’t know how you know what you know but I am just so lucky I met you. Thank you for what you do and I look forward to reading your book!