A Twist of Fate in Vancouver

PEte Twist and SUeI’m on another adventure, traveling now not only in the US but abroad. I’ve just completed the very first MELT Hand and Foot Training in Vancouver, BC Canada. Fifty people, some from the US came to attend the event at the JCC here in Vancouver. A delightful group of bright individuals from varying fields of manual therapy, physicians, and personal trainers (yoga and Pilates instructors as well), not to mention a few people who attended just for personal growth and knowing.

Yesterday, for the first time in weeks I had a day off. I decided to spend it here in Vancouver. I reached out to none other than sports conditioning and performance guru, Peter Twist, CEO and developer of the TWIST programs. Pete and I have been colleagues for years yet, like most presenters and educators, I never have time to get to know them as just normal humans. Passing by at conventions for a quick hello and how are you conversation is not really the best way to learn about who a person is. I’ve been intrigued with Pete and his educational programs for years as his message and energy seem so similar to my own. I’ve sat in on many of his lectures and presentations at IDEA conventions. Yet I don’t really know the guy.Vancouver 1

I bumped into Pete again at the IDEA West conference a month ago in Seattle where I told him of my upcoming travels to Vancouver, where he lives. He said, “Give me a heads up when you know you are coming. I’ll take you on a hike in the mountains so you can see Vancouver from a different perspective.” Of course that opportunity needs timing where we would both actually be in the same place at the same time to make it work. Well, it worked. I reached out and we made a plan to meet.

vancouver 2It was an adventure. I got on the seabus and headed out to another part of Vancouver. Pete picked me up and we took an hour drive around the lush mountains of Vancouver. It was something out of a fairytale. The mountaintops filled with snowcaps, the dark hues of the evergreen trees and the remarkable edges of the silver colored water and islands everywhere were breathtaking. Sadly all I had was the camera on my phone to which I snapped a few photos that will never quite grasp the beauty of this area.

We spent the afternoon hiking up an exquisitely steep mountainside chatting about everything from business, philosophy, life, and family. Pete’s story is remarkable. As many people who know him, he beat stage 4 cancer and lived to tell the tale of strength, belief, and the damaging effects of cancer treatment. Pete is literally a force of nature. His energy is grounded and dynamic. For a 50-year old who beat brain cancer he moves like he’s 20. Once we reached the top, the more difficult element of going back down the mountain was upon us. Pete flew down like a gazelle on his tiptoes. He’d stop at particular parts to wait for me, slightly more cautiously skipping down the rocky terrain. The last thing I needed to do was sprain and ankle with some haphazard scaling of rocky terrain.vancouver 3

We reached the bottom and continued chatting about everything from the obesity issues to the way people think of health and longevity. He took me to his TWIST facility in Vancouver to see his stomping grounds as well as around the area where he has lived for years. A sign in his house said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” I smiled when I saw this as I know this all too well. Pete has an amazing spirit and really is a force of nature.

He took me to have some amazing raw food for dinner before I set myself back on the seabus and headed back to my hotel while the sun was just starting to set… at 9:30pm. Now I’m off to Denver where the adventure continues with some intro events and a MELT Hand and Foot Training.

Thank you to Rae Nicole and Carsen for your support and help in bringing MELT to Vancouver and to Pete for spending his entire day with me when I’m sure he should have been working and tending to his massive schedule of teaching and doing business. Once again, the blessings of my life stare at me face to face. Life is good.

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