What's true today may not be tomorrow - so I keep up with the latest

I’m not sure how it happened, but by being a perpetual student of the human body, I’ve become a teacher of it. I’ve learned quickly to remind people when it comes to learning about the human body, never be satisfied with what you already know.

I’m telling you from personal experience, half of what you might learn today could be found incorrect tomorrow. And… many “new” concepts are old concepts that were disregarded because science couldn’t prove it at the time it was conceived.

I’ve written a book about a technique I created as a way to empower my clients to get out of my office and stay out of pain on their own. It worked. Though many return to get a tune-up or check in from time to time, thousands of people who have crossed my path have learned how to self-care for themselves in a simple way.

In the MELT Method book, I do my best to explain how pain becomes a chronic issue and give tools and techniques to get out of it. I’ve written manuals and guides to train others to share MELT with people who may be reluctant to simply learn the method on their own. In each instance, I’ve done my best to give the most up-to-the-minute theories and research on elements of the human body. I’ve infused proposed research and science that spans the gamut of physiology, chemistry, neurological and cellular biology into a simplified, applicable model and method that even the most non-science based brain can understand.

However, in each training I say to the participants, “What I am teaching you today, will continue to evolve and be refined as research and technology shared to uncover the missing links of good health arise.” I’m not done learning thus, the evolution of this pursuit to help people learn about self-care will continue to grow.

Just like the human body, my learning is never static. Every day I read research papers, books, articles, and the Web for information that may help answer my daily questions. Even today, I sat perplexed reading one of Dr. Gerald Pollack’s books discussing colloid chemistry, polarized-oriented water, protoplasm, and the hydration of macromolecules. (This is not a rare happening by the way as I spend most of my free time learning about things I don’t really know anything about). And why was I reading about these things? Just because water in a cell in a human body is just different than a basic water molecule… and that matters to me – a lot!

With all of the advances in science and technology and research on longevity and cell proliferation, I will continue to evolve and share so that my teaching remains clear and focused on a distinctive outcome: to help myself and others get out, and stay out of chronic pain so we can all live a healthy, active, pill-free and pain-free life.

My advice is to keep reading, learning and challenging what’s accepted. Science is there for us to question it. Stay tuned…

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