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Clouds shaped like horse
Posted: Apr 07, 2013
Last week I wrote about my experience at The Chopra Center during my Meditation Instructor certification, where Deepak Chopra inspired me to write about ”Software of the Soul“. There was another event that happened in that week though – which has... Read More
Posted: Apr 07, 2013
Addiction is directly related to the brain. Drugs trick the brain with dopamine; the body listens to the messages sent by the duped brain and abides by them, leading to addiction. Can the brain be brought back to normalcy, and ensure a permanent addiction recovery? We learned... Read More
Posted: Apr 03, 2013
Steve Pavalin’s Crossing the Bridge is a wonderful, inspiring article as if written for me, I even used quotes from it for my Vision Board! As our basic needs are usually met easily, we need to create a vision that truly inspires us, one that shakes our spirit awake and... Read More
Posted: Apr 02, 2013
I recently met a a very kind man, Dr Chuck Wall, a retired professor and our local motivational speaker. He has been on Oprah and invited by Presidents to the White House on several occasions. Out of his kindness, he is helping me improve my public speaking skills for free. He... Read More


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