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Posted: Feb 10, 2016
While near-death experiences are typically recounted as pleasant and uplifting: visions of pure light, verdant landscapes and dazzlingly clear skies, accompanied by an overwhelming sense of bliss — not everyone has a pleasant or loving near-death episode. Less reported are... Read More
Post-it reading happiness
Posted: May 10, 2014
Happiness has traditionally being considered an elusive and evanescent thing. To some, even trying to achieve it is an exercise in futility. It has been rightly said that, “Happiness is a butterfly which when perused, is always beyond a grasp, but which if you will sit... Read More
Posted: Jan 04, 2014
What would you do if you woke up from an emergency surgery and realized an entirely new purpose for your life? And what if that meant nearly everything in your life—your profession, your social status, your family’s home and many other things would have to change as... Read More
Silhouette of man jumping
Posted: Oct 07, 2013
One of the most healthful of all attitudes toward the world and our experience of the world is gratitude. To view being alive as a kind of miracle, to consider our ability to experience the world in all its variety as a blessing, is itself a blessing. The development of my own... Read More
Burned forest
Posted: Jun 21, 2013
You’ve probably heard the term “near-death experience” but have you ever given it much thought? I know I hadn’t, until I experienced my own life-changing event. In 2008, a routine surgery led to numerous complications and over the next two years, I... Read More
Sunrise Chicago Train
Posted: May 31, 2013
The most intriguing question I have had in my life was why I got prostrate cancer, which in turn led to chronic pelvic pain from multiple urological surgeries, which in turn led to dependence on pain killers. In April 2012, while at Mount Madonna on a ”past life... Read More
Girl jumping in the air with arms out
Posted: May 13, 2013
I have had the good fortune to live a very successful life as a doctor and now, on my path as a speaker and author. To remind myself, I compiled the following list of attributes that I have followed, which helped me achieve success. This is my go-to list I refer to when faced... Read More
Posted: May 10, 2013
The date marking 20 years since my father’s passing came up recently. In looking back, I can recall that day as if it were only yesterday. My father was in a hospital in Fresno, California, for heart bypass surgery, and I’d flown in from New Orleans where I was doing my... Read More
Ball hovering between magician's hands
Posted: Apr 27, 2013
It was monsoon time in India, and the torrential rains were steadily coming down. I was 16 years old, a school boy who didn’t like school. One rainy day in July of 1973, I looked out the classroom window to see my dad’s light green Vespa sitting outside the school... Read More
Woman looking around man's face
Posted: Apr 17, 2013
Previously for the human race to survive, we as a species experienced an evolution of the physical body. Survival today, is not about the human species alone, but rather a question about the survival of the world – and it is time for an evolution of consciousness.... Read More


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