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Posted: Feb 10, 2016
When it comes to movement and defining function most of the research and science is focused on the muscles and motor nerves. With all of the study that’s gone into the arenas of fitness, function, posture, and movement, it’s no wonder we still can’t figure out... Read More
Posted: Jan 25, 2016
I’m off again to share my learning, research, and study of the human body. This life-long pursuit started with my questioning of how we age and how to stop it from happening as I watched my great grandmother slowly disintegrate into a mere shell of a woman. My quest... Read More
Posted: Dec 31, 2015
As 2015 comes to an end (as I do with every year), I reflect on the 12 months I’ve spent learning, growing, being challenged, failing, rising up, changing my mind or my direction, and loving with great passion the journey and destiny I’ve conjured up. Each year... Read More
Posted: Dec 22, 2015
I remember when my best friend brought her 19-month-old daughter to the city for a visit. We hadn’t really thought through all of the routine habits of the day, which sent us out buying things that aren’t cheap. Things like a highchair for her to eat. When we tried... Read More
Airplane isle
Posted: Dec 21, 2015
Like most people, year-end means extra stress on all levels. From year-end bills to mailing cards, buying presents, and of course…travel, the final weeks of December tend to be some of the most chaotic of the year. Even if you aren’t flying anywhere or taking... Read More
Posted: Dec 08, 2015
When I was a kid I loved soccer. I was always intrigued with how pro soccer players worked the ball with such finesse. I started playing soccer in 6th grade. I loved doing drill work, learning how to pass the ball in specific ways and of course… score a goal. One... Read More
Posted: Nov 25, 2015
It’s Thanksgiving again. It’s my favorite holiday of the entire year. It’s when you can hang out with family and friends, there’s no gift buying and you basically sit around and eat all day. Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? This year, in my holiday... Read More
Posted: Nov 13, 2015
If you think about the study of human beings, realize that Egyptians, Indians and the Greeks had notions of cells centuries before the invention of the microscope, and Darwin was all but dismissed and taken for as a fool for his theory of evolution. It’s our duty as... Read More
Posted: Aug 18, 2015
As the sun rose over the vast desert skyline in Southern Utah, the temperature changed more than 20-degrees from 7 a.m.-9 a.m. I looked out at these ancient red mountains near Snow Canyon, just 90 minutes away from the stunning Zion National Park. I felt a sense of calm and... Read More
Posted: Jul 15, 2015
About two weeks ago one of my favorite entertainers, Jimmy Fallon took a fall in his kitchen, catching his wedding ring on the edge of a table and entirely dislocating his finger.  What seemed like a simple issue landed him straight for the ER at Bellevue Hospital where... Read More


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