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Telehealth pain doctor
Posted: Jun 15, 2020
A lot has changed lately in how I work with my patients. The need for social distancing and sheltering at home has forced me to rethink the way I do just about everything.   I run two pain management centers that are interdisciplinary, meaning that there’s... Read More
Posted: Nov 04, 2019
Do you find that you’re more forgetful or fuzzy-headed when you are in pain? Is it harder to concentrate? Like many with chronic pain, you may be experiencing signs of brain fog, also known as cognitive dysfunction. If this is happening to you, rest assured you are not... Read More
Posted: Sep 25, 2019
Pain changes us. The minute we start to hurt, we make adaptions to how we move, what we do, and where we go. When we keep re-organizing our lives around our pain, we can become separated from our typical daily routine. The more we start to pull back, the less likely we are to... Read More
Posted: Sep 25, 2019
Pain management is an important consideration when you’re having surgery – not only to minimize discomfort, but also because good post-operative pain control plays a vital role in optimizing your recovery. The sooner you are able to get up and about, the less... Read More
Posted: Sep 25, 2019
You may have noticed that at any given moment your pain levels can fluctuate based on many different variables, including the weather, how much sleep you got the night before, and whether or not you are having a stressful day. But you may not have given much thought to the... Read More
Teddy Bear with Bandages
Posted: Sep 25, 2019
Pain can entirely change our lives. Ongoing pain problems can lead to disabilities like not being able to work, drive, or even maintain a home.   Pain in a dominant hand or arm can make it difficult to button a shirt, comb hair, or carry groceries.... Read More
Posted: Sep 25, 2019
Difficulty sleeping is a common source of frustration that I often hear from patients. While pain often causes insomnia, studies suggest that the reverse may be true as well – not enough sleep can lead to more pain. In fact, some researchers now believe that a good... Read More
Injection and Meds
Posted: Sep 25, 2019
When pain is at its worst, we’re tempted to try just about anything to get some relief, including procedures like nerve blocks or injections. But before you jump into a new procedure, you need to  understand both the risks and the potential benefits.... Read More
Posted: Sep 25, 2019
When you’re living with ongoing pain, there can be a lot of very good reasons for being upset, frustrated, and downright pissed off. Your pain may be the result of events that were outside of your control, or maybe even somebody else’s fault – like slipping... Read More
Body in Dark
Posted: Sep 25, 2019
Pain that starts in one place doesn’t necessarily stay there. Over time, pain can spread, shift, expand, or radiate, from one part of the body to another, making treatment even more challenging.   One common way that pain spreads to other parts of the body... Read More