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Posted: Apr 17, 2018
Investors sunk $336.9 million into Colorado companies during the first quarter of 2018, ranking it as the 8th most funded state nationwide during the quarter, according to the MoneyTree venture capital report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and CB Insights. “Colorado companies... Read More
Posted: Apr 15, 2018
Medicaid, the nation’s joint federal-state health insurance program for the poor, is often described as providing a safety net — something to save the neediest people from disaster. But, as health insurance costs spiral rapidly upward, Colorado lawmakers and health... Read More
Posted: Apr 12, 2018
Officials at Porter Adventist Hospital first learned of possible trouble with its processes for cleaning surgical instruments as early as last April, when a doctor in the middle of a spine operation found a bone fragment from a previous surgery stuck to a tool waiting on a... Read More
Posted: Apr 12, 2018
Two Florida physicians have sued the owner of Full Spectrum Nutrition in Colorado Springs, claiming their $1.1 million investment in the marketer of cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts and products went instead to a Costa Rican wildlife refuge. Dr. Josse Anthony Mazo and his wife, Dr... Read More
Posted: Apr 11, 2018
The head of Colorado’s Health Department announced Wednesday that officials have confirmed surgical infections in “a number of patients” at a Denver hospital at the center of an investigation into sterilization practices. The infections occurred between July 21... Read More
Posted: Apr 07, 2018
Colorado officials vowed to improve oversight of the managed-care portion of the state’s $10 billion Medicaid program after a federal audit found poor safeguards against waste, fraud and abuse. Federal regulators reviewed the state’s supervision of managed care... Read More
Posted: Apr 06, 2018
Porter Adventist Hospital, which days ago warned about a breach in the sterilization process of surgical tools that could have put their patients at risk of contracting serious diseases, is now offering patients who underwent orthopedic or spine surgical procedures between July... Read More
Posted: Apr 06, 2018
Porter Adventist Hospital is canceling most surgeries Friday, a day after it warned people of a breach in the sterilization process of medical instruments used for certain surgeries over the past two years. The announcement comes after hospital officials noticed “a potential... Read More
Posted: Apr 05, 2018
A new report shows large employers spent $2.6 billion to treat opioid addiction and overdoses in 2016, an eightfold increase since 2004. More than half went to treat employees’ children. The analysis released Thursday by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation finds such... Read More
Posted: Apr 04, 2018
An infection-control breach involving surgical instruments at Porter Adventist Hospital may have put some surgery patients at risk for contracting hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV, hospital and state health officials said Wednesday. The breach may have affected patients who had ... Read More


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