With the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) opening its doors to psychologists in 2015, the pain community has been witnessing a shift in how these healthcare professionals are being included in annual pain conference symposia.
In late January 2016, Pain Medicine published the article "Pain Psychology: A Global Needs Assessment and National Call to Action." The article is available free of charge here.
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Power-over-Pain handouts were guided by the following book, a valuable source for understanding and managing pain: Turk DC, Winter F. (2006). The Pain Survival Guide: How to Reclaim Your Life. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Learning from Others People who develop self-confidence along with their pain possess the following characteristics: Read the full handout below:
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Managing chronic pain is often a hard battle to win. Sometimes just hanging in there can be a frustrating and draining process, but finding ways to problem solve in order to overcome hurdles can be a key trait to develop for long-lasting success. It’s important to not let the pain that you have today make you give up on what you can achieve tomorrow.
“Just relax, and you’ll get pregnant”.  That is the advice that is given over, and over to couples and partners going through fertility treatments.  But anyone who’s gone through this journey knows just what a tall order that can be!  I certainly struggled with it when my husband and I were going through our fertility journey.
All three words do relate to one thing: how we perceive and sense things both within our body and the world around us. Recently a student of mine asked me about interoception versus proprioception. Well, this is complicated because there’s another word, exteroception, to add to the mix. All three terms are relevant to our overall well-being and how our body and mind connect. If the human body were easy to understand, we wouldn’t have to worry...
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I have said this many times to new patients that I have seen for the first time, but only because I truly believe it. Patients often show up for the first time expressing frustration and pessimism about their pain problem ever improving. Chronic pain patients often find themselves in the position of seeing many different doctors and trying a number of different treatments, procedures, medications, and even surgeries without success. In some...