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The placenta usually isn’t given much thought after the birth happens. It’s just thrown away. But researchers are taking a new interest in it. A growing number of studies suggest that this organ, which feeds nutrients to the fetus and removes waste from its blood, may reveal a lot about the baby’s possible health complications.
Risk from ultraviolet light can come when we least expect it.A new type of manicure has pr
Older residents in the Omaha area now can plug into a program new to Nebraska that provides the medical help they need to stay in their own homes rather than live in a nursing home. Immanuel Pathways is opening the state's first PACE center Wednesday in a former grocery store space at 5755 Sorensen Parkway in north-central Omaha.
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have added to evidence that too little sleep and too much weight go together, this time in teenagers.
People of the Midwest, we’ve been underestimating ourselves. We weigh a whole lot more than we’ve been telling people. So much more, in fact, that this may be the most obese region of the nation, and Missouri the fattest state. So say researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a college in a state long considered among the heaviest.
Now, those of you who know me know, when it comes to research I will seek out information far and wide to come to some relative conclusion about anything anti-aging. I have become over the past 20 years somewhat obsessed with the prospects of living a long, youthful, healthy, pain-free life.
Last week I saw this season’s first batch of ripe cherries at my local farmer’s market. In northern California, the advent of deep red cherries in the markets is usually the first sign of all the great summer fruits that will soon be coming our way. I think this is a good opportunity to appreciate both the blessings of seasonal changes as well as the opportunities they provide for maintaining great health.
So, what is the healthiest breakfast you haven’t tried? Buckwheat. If you aren’t from Eastern Europe, then my guess is that you haven’t been eating your morning buckwheat. Put it on your list of foods to try as part of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet that I recommended in Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain.
Last week we looked at a recent JAMA article that showed an unnecessary, costlier, and riskier trend in spine surgery; namely a steep rise in the use of complex fusion surgeries for spinal stenosis. I brought up the point that nobody in our health care system really has the role of regulating this trend. It is really up to doctors and insurers to look at this type of information and choose to ignore it or incorporate it into what they do.
The theme of love surrounding Valentine’s Day offers us a great opportunity-to eat more chocolate! Showing affection and an appreciation for loved ones in our lives is often manifested by indulging them with gifts of chocolate during this time of year. For the record, I approve of this great tradition. Nothing can perk up a day quicker than a few bites of smooth, intensely flavored chocolate.