A Power-over-Pain Handout Annie Philips, SPT • Kathleen Metzker, MPH Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions, Philadelphia Pennsylvania   
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Managing chronic pain on a daily basis can be challenging enough, but on top of that many patients with chronic pain are often faced with dealing with other significant chronic diseases at the same time. In fact, I have had countless patients over the years tell me that they developed medical problems like hypertension and diabetes only after their injuries occurred, and many report weight gains of 15-20 pounds after the onset of their pain...
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Managing chronic pain is often a hard battle to win. Sometimes just hanging in there can be a frustrating and draining process, but finding ways to problem solve in order to overcome hurdles can be a key trait to develop for long-lasting success. It’s important to not let the pain that you have today make you give up on what you can achieve tomorrow.
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Being healthy doesn’t just happen. It requires work and dedication. Likewise, effectively managing pain also takes special effort and commitment. When you have a chronic condition like fibromyalgia or back pain, you can’t expect to just wake up one day and be rid of all that ails you. No, in order to get chronic pain under better control, you need to invest in the process.
Are you suffering from depression or anxiety? Depression and anxiety tend to be the most common conditions that go along with managing a chronic health problem. Working with me you’ll learn ways that you can actively change and improve your mood. One of the biggest keys to changing anything is to first understand it.
“Just relax, and you’ll get pregnant”.  That is the advice that is given over, and over to couples and partners going through fertility treatments.  But anyone who’s gone through this journey knows just what a tall order that can be!  I certainly struggled with it when my husband and I were going through our fertility journey.
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Chronic pain can come from many sources- injuries, accidents, autoimmune disorders, too much sitting- you name it. No matter the causes, it poses significant challenges and can be a real struggle for the person in pain to overcome. An important part of winning the battle against chronic pain is being able to overcome adversity. Having enough inner strength, courage, and discipline is essential, yet not always easy to come by, especially when you...
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Mood changes are a common and challenging part of experiencing ongoing pain. The more chronic the pain, the more difficult it can be to undo these changes. Common mood disorders associated with chronic pain include depression and anxiety. In some cases, those struggling with prolonged pain problems report no longer feeling like their old selves, as if their personalities have changed into a different version of themselves. Family members and...