You may have noticed that at any given moment your pain levels can fluctuate based on many different variables, including the weather, how much sleep you got the night before, and whether or not you are having a stressful day. But you may not have given much thought to the role that bacteria might be playing in how you feel.
Dr. Peter Abaci Presenting at RSDSA Conference

Peter Abaci, MD is the co-founder and medical director of The Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center, author of, "Take Control of Your Pain", and a frequent contributor to WebMD, Pain Pathways, and Huffington Post. His objective is to teach you how to have a great life with CRPS.

This presentation is part of the broader discussion on integrated Solutions to CRPS, treating the whole person, and optimizing wellness.

By Dr. Peter Abaci

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As many of you know, I took a big step in 2015 and got married. Chris Whelan asked me to marry him at Red Mountain Spa in Ivins, Utah, the exact same place where I had met him three years earlier.

Just an hour before he asked for my hand in marriage, we were eating dinner and I out of the blue said to him, “Now that we are at the spa, this would be a great time to go gluten-free.”

St. Patrick’s Day turns March into a month-long celebration of all things green. Of course this includes things that, dare I say, should not be green, such as beer, eggs, and human skin.

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GLUTEN FREE: Is it Enough?

Acne is a skin problem experienced by adolescents and adults alike, but luckily eating gluten free can make a dramatic difference in outbreaks. While acne is largely aesthetic, it can lead to a host of psychological problems, such as lowered self-esteem, depression, and social withdrawal. Because of these very real mental and emotional impacts, adolescents and adults alike are often desperate to find...


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