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The experience of pain usually carries with it a strong emotional component. The more intense the pain or the longer the pain lasts, the more dramatic the emotional changes seem to be. Part of what makes more persistent or chronic pain so difficult to deal with is the burden or heaviness of dealing with these significant mood shifts. Such changes not only affect how we feel inside but heavily influence how we interact with others, including...
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Maintaining a healthy brain can be a lot like farming. Growing produce is really a simple process, but there are many little nuances that determine the fate of the crops each year. First of all, farmers need soil and seeds, and they must use them properly. They must plant cucumber seeds in order to harvest cucumbers and not watermelon. And if they don’t plant anything, all they can expect are some random weeds. They will reap what they sow....
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Happiness is kind of difficult to measure or describe, but you know it when you see it or feel it. Chronic pain can take away many things in our lives, including joy. Loss can be one of the biggest frustrations of dealing with ongoing pain, but there are ways to regain happiness despite the pain. 
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For many, this time of year can mean feeling the blues more than usual. The holiday season can be a time of great joy, but it can also be a time of feeling lonely, financially stressed, and burned out. A decrease in sun exposure during the dark and dreary winter months can be associated with a mood disorder known as seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal affective disorder is associated with symptoms of depression, low energy, sleepiness, weight...
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December always seems to be a challenging pain management month. For one, the transition to more frigid temperatures along with the slew of storms that normally come through this time of year seem to make everyone’s aches and pains hurt more than normal. The “winter blues,” also known as seasonal affective disorder, can cause symptoms of depression and fatigue for some, especially for those in cold northern climates. In fact, Hippocrates...
How Pain Affects Memory
Does pain interfere with brain function? This topic often gets overlooked by doctors who specialize in treating pain. Even going back to when I first started practicing in the late nineties, I can remember patients telling me that they were experiencing difficulties in remembering things. At that time, the reasons for this was still not well understood. As a result, memory problems were often written off as a byproduct of pain medication use or...
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Witnessing a traumatic event can produce a range of emotional reactions in both children and adults, from sadness to an inability to function that requires professional help, according to mental health experts.
It has been well understood for quite some time now that the continuous or chronic experience of pain is often associated with significant mood changes. In particular, the incidence of depression accompanying chronic pain has been widely considered to be quite high.
Children and adults in Maine are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at rates far exceeding the national average, fueling higher spending on treatment and medication, according to a national study by Express Scripts, one of the country’s largest pharmacy benefit management companies.
Imagine that instead of being a sophisticated member of the Homo sapiens species, you are a zebra roaming the Serengeti region of Africa. Your typical day involves waking up, sipping some organic pond water, and munching on grass, which is your favorite dish. Now let’s suppose that in the midst of your blissful day you suddenly see a lion coming your way, and she thinks that you look like her favorite dish. What happens next? You run like mad!